Why always Shakespeare?


As a high school student, English can be a dreaded subject, especially when it come time to read Shakespeare.  Shakespeare’s language is far from easy to understand making his texts difficult to follow and analyze.  I completely understand that reading Shakespeare is a requirement as his plays and poems are great works of literature but for me and many other students, reading Shakespeare can be a nightmare and on top of that, simply not interesting.

Two years in a row I have had to study Shakespeare’s plays and poems, until this year.  This year I didn’t have to read one of Shakespeare’s plays.  When I first heard this I was a bit frightened.  Surely, this could only mean something even more difficult.

The play was The Crucible by Arthur Miller.  It is a chilling tale about the Salem witch trials and I absolutely loved it.  The playwriting is fast pace, the language is not difficult, and the themes within the story are relatable.  The play is intriguing from start to end, or rather, from the opening to closing curtain.

Now I understand that we still have to study Shakespeare in school but I don’t think we should just study Shakespeare.  Why not study more of a variety throughout high school?  The Crucible, for me, was a play that I could much more easily interact with.  It even had me looking up the Salem witch trials online because I wanted to know what parts of the story were true.  I throughly enjoyed the story making me more interested in analyzing it.  So…why always Shakespeare?


5 thoughts on “Why always Shakespeare?

  1. Personally, I love Shakespeare, but it’s meant to be seen, not just read. And most students don’t know how to read it aloud. Watch Kenneth Branagh’s Hamlet and you’ll love it. Or watch his Othello with Laurence Fishburne. Awesome.

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